15 erotic games for couples looking to get away from the routine

Sometimes it’s not enough maintain an active sexual life as a couplebut that it is also varied and stimulating. To achieve this, changes can be introduced when practicing sex, through exciting games that change the routine.

That’s why we explain to you 15 erotic games for couples seeking to enrich their sexual relations and they need some ideas to inspire themselves.

The best 15 sex games to do with your partner

These are some of the best games to perform with your partner in bed and add a spice to your relationships.

1. Spicy questions

One way to start your night of erotic games as a couple can be to play by asking each other intimate questions, which will warm up the atmosphere and encourage you to try new things. It’s a good way to get to know your partner better and feel the terrain. And who knows… you might find out new things that excite you and that you can put into practice on the spot.

2. Finding the erogenous point

One of the best erotic games for couples consists of play with each other’s bodies and test their sensitivity. To begin with, you undress (or you are left with little clothing) in front of each other. One of the two thinks of a point in his body, and the other has to guess what it is and go kissing parts of the other’s body until he finds what it is.

Another variation of this game is to go caressing, kissing or licking any part of the body of your partner, and this then has to repeat the same gesture in the other. A most erotic game that allows your partner to discover which areas are most erogenous to you and with which you want him to experience in you.

3. Playing with food

Who said you don’t play with food? A classic that never fails is to introduce groceries in your erotic games in pairs. There are flavor lubricants that allow us to experiment with the palate, but the really exciting thing will be to use something that you can have at hand in the kitchen and that you can use impromptu.

From that jar of honey that you don’t open since the last flu you had to fruit that you can tempt the other, there are many ingredients that you can use to to give a sweet touch to your sex games. Smear your limb or one of your erogenous zones with chocolate and lick it until it disappears. All a classic that will be more effective if you do it without warning, because the surprise factor will increase the sensations and will put him to one hundred.

4. Secret garment

Another original erotic game for couples who want to do something different is the secret garment. It consists of going together to an erotic store or a sex shopand let your partner choose any of the exposed garments for you to wear that same night. You won’t know what it’s about, and he won’t see you wearing it until you try it on at home and go to use it.

Waiting and the Surprise Factor will make the experience of wearing sexy garments even more exciting. in bed.

5. Sexting

Another erotic game for couples looking to add a spicy touch to their routine can be done out of bed. The exchange of erotic messages through whatsapp or facebook is a way to excite your partner while you are estranged, and that will help fan the flame of your relationship.

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Tell her what underwear you’re wearing, send her a suggestive photo or leave an audio note explaining what you’ll do when you get home. Send him phrases that can excite and tempt him so that when you meet, the experience will be more intense.

6. To tempt with questions

And speaking of temptation, this game will test your boy’s patience and be super exciting. This erotic game for couples consists of to stay naked or with some sexy garment in bed, while the other remains waiting at the door. You should ask him questions about yourself, if they are better spicy, which he should answer correctly.

If it fails, it has to take a step back; if it succeeds, a step forward. The idea is he has to get the questions right so he can get to you. While you can animate it with postures or touching yourself, they will make the waiting more stimulating. Once he gets to you, he will be so excited that the experience will be tremendously intense for both of you.

7. Blindfold

Another classic in erotic games for couples is to blindfold the partner, so that his other senses increase and his experience is more sensory. While wearing a blindfold and without being expected, you can go caressing, kissing or licking their most erogenous areas. The key in this game is to focus on stimulating your partner. little by little and lengthening the preliminaries, which will be more intense if you do not see anything and focuses only on the sensations.

8. Handle

Another similar sexual practice is that of handle the couple with the help of a handkerchief or handcuffswith either arms released or tied to the bed as well. In this way the one who is tied up will have no control over the situation and the unpredictability will make the experience very exciting.

Something you can do while the other person is tied up is to stimulate them with foreplay and brake a little before ejaculation occurs, so that you extend the pleasure to the maximum. That way, when I’m done, the experience will be more intense.

9. Whoever gets there first loses

And one of the sexual games to do in couple related to the preliminaries is this other one, which consists of stimulating the couple until it ends. In this game, you both have to undress and give each other pleasure.. Whoever finishes or ejaculates first loses. And the one who loses, must practice oral sex to the one who hasn’t finished yet.

A simple game, but that will serve to test the couple and extend the pleasure of the preliminaries.

10. The strangers

This is one of the ideal erotic games for couples looking to rekindle the flame. To put it into practice the couple must be somewhere, which can be from a bar to a park, and they have to play to be strangers. It’s about seducing each other by pretending to be strangers. and playing someone else. In this way they will have to discover what seduces the other and it will be like starting over, making it an ideal game for couples who have stagnated in the routine.

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11.Role playing

And another erotic game that consists in being other people is the classic one. role playing or play disguise. Couple members must take on a different role from their ownthat can excite the other and that can be related to some of their fantasies or hobbies.

Dressing up as a schoolgirl, nurse or police officer are some of the most typical, but you can be more original and pretend to be some character from your favorite movie or dress up according to one of their hobbies. And remember! It is not enough to disguise yourself, the idea is to staged without shame some situation involved in your roles.

12. Public Sex

And another of the erotic games for couples who want to escape from routine can be to vary the place of action, especially if you are one of those who do not get out of bed. Try exciting your partner in a public place (without losing decency) and see what happens.

You can start by trying the car, an empty beach or the bathroom of a bar. The danger of getting caught will make everything more exciting. But make sure that what you can be seen remains a remote possibility and not a high probability. No one (or almost no one) wants to see what they don’t touch on the subway or in the middle of the street.

13. Body painting

And another way to add a different touch to your sexual relations is the use of body painting. Buy body paint and using your partner’s body as a canvas can be fun and exciting. Removing the paint won’t be any less exciting, as you can finish the game in the shower while cleaning each other.

14. Erotic board games

You can also take games in the most literal sense of the word, trying to play with the classic board games of a lifetime. However, by introducing the sexy touch of going naked or adding garment tests. Strip poker or play Twister naked are some of the ideas you can apply to make your sex games something different.

15. Capable or incapable?

Do you know the movie Love me if you dare? In this peculiar French film, the protagonist couple play to propose challenges to themselves throughout the years, more and more convoluted, to see how far they are able to go. You can use them as inspiration for a new erotic game that will undoubtedly make you leave the routine with your partner.

This game will consist of you proposing challenges to each other, until one of the two surrenders or can not do it. It’s a game that you can lengthen for days, weeks or even years if it gives you for that. The challenges can be to ask the other person to give you a massage, to make an erotic phone call from work, or to give you a massage. any other kind of erotic challenge your imagination might give you..

The idea of doing it over a period of time aims to not lose a routine of flirting, so as to keep the flame alive and not remain a game of one night.

Now that you know all these erotic games for couples, would you like to put them into practice with yours? Which one did you like the most?