Playing is very important in life, it’s not just a matter of children.. There are many ways to entertain yourself when you are with other people, as well as with your partner. There are many fun couple games, with questions and challenges that can make you have a good time and with which you can gain complicity.

Playing strengthens the bond between two people, so there is nothing like laughing together to overcome any crisis or get out of monotony. It’s also an excellent excuse to get to know each other better and share things with each other.

10 fun couple games (with questions and challenges)

Any of the games in this article are great for a rainy afternoon.. From time to time it is comforting to spend time with this special person without having to attend social events. The games can be used to spend time at home (with a glass of wine, in pajamas, … anything goes).

Sometimes they don’t come to mind, but there are lots of fun couples with questions and challenges. For some, creativity is necessary, and yet you don’t have to spend money to enjoy them. They are useful to get out of monotony, to meet again and even to ignite the spark of love.

1. Tell me your secrets

To play “tell me your secrets” you only need to prepare a list of questions. The ideal is to set yourself this challenge and stay to play on a future day. When this day arrives, the two people will have five questions prepared that they really want to ask the other person.

It is ideal for when you are starting a relationship, because this way it is possible to get to know each other better. Secrets can be simple things like the first kiss at puberty or your favorite children’s toy, you don’t have to be very picky if you don’t want to.

2. Karaoke in pairs

Spending a night playing karaoke with your partner can be a lot of fun.. It can be done at home or you can even take advantage of that time when you are driving to work or anywhere. It makes it even more exciting for others to watch from their cars.

You can select songs sung in pairs and try to imitate them or turn one song each, so that each can qualify the other. The goal is obviously to have fun and have a good time.

3. I put myself in your shoes

Playing “I put myself in your shoes” is for couples with a lot of confidence.. It is a game in which each plays the other, exchanging roles. For this you can choose a specific activity, such as going out to do the shopping or cleaning the house.

Besides being a lot of fun, this game also aims to get to know each other better and understand how the other person sees us. But don’t get angry.

4. Don’t you dare…

This game is for daring couples. Spontaneously send a message by WhatsApp or Messenger to the other person with the challenge and the deadline to meet it. Each person has to meet the challenge throughout the week without knowing well what day it will be.

The next week it’s up to the other person to meet the challenge and so on. Together we must determine what the punishment will be if it is not carried out. There are many ideas, such as asking the other person to dress up and go out on the street or to record a video and post it on their social networks.

5. Hold the gaze

Playing at holding the gaze seems simple, but it’s not.. The goal is to get face to face and try to hold your gaze for minutes. It is not only a matter of not blinking, but also of not looking away and remaining silent.

This game can be fun, but it’s also an exercise to look into each other’s eyes and find each other again. It can be useful if there has been a discussion, and that is that seeing the other person’s eyes allows you to connect with them.

6. Clothes off!

If you want to raise the temperature “Out of clothes!” is the ideal game. The grace is to play any game and to penalize mistakes with a punishment, which is none other than taking off a piece of clothing. Any of your favorite board games can be served, and cards are a great choice.

Thus, every time someone makes a mistake, they must take off a garment and continue the next round without it. Any card game is ideal because they are fast, although you can even play with chess (each lost piece is equivalent to a piece of clothing).

7. What I don’t like, what I do like

Playing “What I don’t like, what I do like” requires maturity on both sides.. It is a complex game that can be constructive if done properly. You can remember to play this game every few months.

For this game first of all you have to be comfortable. It’s a confrontational exercise where each says three things they don’t like about the other, and the other simply listens without a chance to debate. To finish, three things are said about the other person and the game closes with a hug.

8. A long hug

A challenge in pairs achieves a special connection. This challenge tries to give each other a hug during the time that a song lasts that is to the liking of both. It doesn’t have to be a romantic song, any option is good.

The grace of this game is to agree on the song in question to meet the challenge in the future. So, when you hear the song you must keep the long embrace. It should be done no matter if you are at home, on the street or at a party.

9. Laughing is losing

In this game the one who laughs loses, but the fun is guaranteed.. For this game is necessary to resort to the best jokes or anecdotes available. On the other hand, the objective of the listener is not to laugh, no matter how funny the story or how funny the other person’s expressions may be.

The challenge of not having to laugh is not an easy one, and whoever loses must serve a punishment such as inviting or preparing dinner, doing some special job or meeting another fun challenge.

10. Truth or spicy challenge

The classic game of “truth or challenge” but with a spicy touch. You have to ask the other if he wants to answer a question with absolute truth or if he prefers to carry out a challenge. The variant is that both the question and the challenge must be raised.

It is an ideal game for an intimate moment in which you can add excitement and fun, answering intimate questions or making challenges that ignite the flame. Surely this game will become one of your favorites.

11. Give me a pulse.

A pulse can be fun.. You can combine a night of couple games in which there are questions and challenges of strength like this. Boys usually have more muscle mass, but that’s not always the case.

In either case this simple game can get more than a laugh. To start, you need to be seated, one in front of the other. You have to be comfortable. Then they join hands and, action!. Whoever loses can get some fun punishment too.

12. Trivial Questions

A classic game of all life is to answer Trivial questions. It is always interesting to compete with the couple, because you can also add some kind of punishment in case someone does not answer a question correctly.

While the ideal is to get the game, but on the Internet there are some articles with questions specific to this game. All you have to do is go to a page with the questions to play directly.

There are cases in which the 6 classic categories have been compiled: geography (blue), entertainment (pink), history (yellow), art and literature (brown), science and nature (green) and sports and hobbies (orange).

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