Many couples wish to have a boy as their first-born, a little man who can one day take the lead in the household, who will take care of his siblings and continue his parents’ legacy.

Boys often cause a lot of excitement in a pregnancy, especially for men, as they have a desire to teach him a thousand things that can be shared only between men in the future.

Although, the outcome of a baby’s sex is still a matter of chance, it is possible to consider some tips to help your baby be a boy as much as possible. However, you can also seek expert opinion and choose a medical treatment that can ensure the outcome of having a boy in your arms.

Therefore, we bring in this article the best 11 tips to get pregnant with a boy in a traditional way so you can fulfill your desire to have your little man.
Pregnancy: the time that runs against

To get the best chance to conceive a boy, it is very important to take into account that time is against you, in relation to the sperm that manage to fertilize the egg. What does this mean? Spermatozoa have an approximate life span of 72 hours to 5 days, but it is the Y-chromosome-charged spermatozoa that die the fastest in the female body.

With this information in mind, they must be very careful on the day they have sex, which should be just when ovulation is at its most fertile. In this way you can ensure that the life of the male sperm is sufficient to fertilize the egg and thus hold your little boy in your arms.

Look for the opposite

Another interesting fact for you and your partner to keep in mind is that you should do the opposite of the advice to conceive girls and get as far away from them as possible, literally. For example, whatever should be avoided in such advice, can be done in this case to succeed in conceiving a boy.

This is because the organism must be prepared to welcome Y-chromosome-charged spermatozoa in a favourable way, so that they can fertilize the egg. But the elements needed to achieve this, in terms of conceiving a boy are totally and completely opposite to those needed to conceive a girl.

Tips and strategies for getting pregnant with a boy

Here are the best tips for getting pregnant with a boy, both those that are scientifically verifiable and those that have emerged thanks to popular practice.

1. Shettles Method

This world-renowned method, famous for its effectiveness, not only helps couples achieve high levels of probability of conceiving girls, but is equally effective in conceiving boys. This method teaches how to take into account the life of the sperm inside the female uterus, which is higher for sperm X and lower for sperm Y.

This is due to the discovery that these sperm are smaller, weaker, and lighter, so they are faster and can conceive the egg on the peak day of female fertility. But they are also more sensitive to the vaginal environment, so they can die even more quickly at the slightest change in temperature or pH.

To ensure the conception of a boy, according to the Shettles method, one must have sexual intercourse just on the day of ovulation or 24 hours after it, so that the Y sperm, which are the fastest, can successfully fertilize the egg.

2. Billings Method

This method, also known for helping couples to be more successful in conceiving girls, can also ensure the conception of boys perhaps with an even higher success rate. The Billings method involves knowing how to test vaginal secretions to determine the best time for conception.

How does it do this? Very simply, each vaginal discharge, also known as cervical mucus, has a certain texture at each stage of a woman’s menstrual cycle. It gets thicker on days off and becomes more fluid as ovulation approaches. This is a natural body alert for the female body. This way you can determine the best day to have sex.

It’s best to have at least one or two periods before you do this so you can get familiar with and analyze the changes in your vaginal secretions. Remember that your signal is when your discharge becomes more fluid, which is where ovulation begins and is the best place to get pregnant with a boy.

3. Ovulation Calculator

The day of ovulation has to become your main ally when it comes to conceiving a boy because, as we mentioned previously, spermatozoa Y are faster and must take advantage of the moment of the fertile peak to fertilize the egg or maximum 24 hours after this day is given.

For this you can count on the assistance of technology through web and mobile applications that help you not only to calculate your next menstruation date, but also to know the exact day of your ovulation and your fertile days. All you have to do is enter the last date of your period and you’re done.

Each application has a special section to help you schedule your routine in order to get pregnant. So you can track your body changes and plan the best days to have sex.

4. Check your menstrual cycle

As in the previous tip, you can use mobile apps and web applications to find out your menstruation cycle, which is ideal for better visualizing the fertile days and your exact day of ovulation depending on your own menstrual cycle.

There are a total of 3 types of menstrual cycles:

Normal cycles

They are those that last exactly or as close as 28 days. So ovulation occurs on the famous 14th day of the menstrual cycle for these women.

4.2. Regular cycles

It is made up of short cycles, which vary between 23 and 25 days on the menstrual calendar, with ovulation occurring between days 8 and 13. And long cycles, which are made up of 30 to 35 days in the menstrual cycle, with ovulation occurring on days 13 and 18.

4.3. Irregular cycles

As the name suggests, these are cycles that do not follow a regular pattern in the duration of the menorrhoea. It is therefore much more difficult to know the exact day of ovulation unless you have a careful record of it.

The main reason for these types of cycles is related to hormonal problems such as polycystic ovaries or thyroid disorders.

5. Life span

As previously mentioned, the life span of the sperm is essential to achieve pregnancy of a boy. Y-chromosome-charged sperm survive less time within the female intimate organism due to the constant changes that occur in it.

Such as temperature, vaginal pH, or consistency of vaginal discharge. Their advantage is that they are extremely fast and therefore, if you have sex on the day of ovulation or 24 hours later, the chances of conceiving a boy are very high.

6. Body temperature

Body temperature in both the female and male body is essential to promote male sperm longevity. This is because prior preparation is needed to optimally accommodate sperm.

Therefore, it is recommended to take cold showers before having sex, to set a low temperature in the house or at least in the room to decrease one’s body heat, and for men it is advisable to use loose clothes and soft fabrics that allow air to pass through.

This helps Y sperm gain strength, as they are more successful in low temperatures, while slowing down X sperm, which are stronger in warm temperatures.

7. Vaginal Ph

Another important tip is to maintain an ideal vaginal intimate Ph to receive sperm and make it more resistant to it. This is achieved by maintaining an alkaline pH, that is, a balanced pH that is free of acids, since the latter are ideal for strengthening X-chromosome sperm.

8. Special diet

To achieve an alkaline body and intimate Ph, it is necessary to transform your diet and that of your partner and include foods rich in sodium and potassium. That is why you should eat more juicy vegetables, sweet fruits, steamed foods, fish, red meat, lots of seeds, red fruits and nuts. This will help maintain the quality of the male sperm.

9. Sexual positions

Although not completely proven, some experts recommend having sex with sexual positions that promote deeper penetration and ejaculation closer to the uterine cavity, so that it facilitates the arrival of sperm to the egg.

10. Lunar Calendar

This is a very old method of oriental origin, in which it is believed that the positions of the moon or moons can help predict the sex of the baby. The lunar calendar is based on the calculation of the months of the year through the position of the moon in the sky, so that, the lunar phase is understood from two times when the moon reaches its point in the exact place.

For example: when the moon appeared in its full moon phase, the Chinese believed that this marked the beginning of the month, until the next full moon. Therefore, the lunar calendar does not follow the same days of the year.

By taking into account the lunar date of conception, one can predict the sex of the baby or guarantee the most ideal moon phase to conceive a boy. Thus, it is said that if fertilization occurs during the new lunar phase, there is more chance of having a boy, while if it occurs during the full moon, you are likely to have a girl.

11. Consult a specialist

Since getting pregnant with a boy can be a little more complex than having a girl, because of all the preparation and adaptation of the body, consider body temperature and the exact days of ovulation. Perhaps the best recommendation is to see a specialist, so that he can give you the ideal advice, routines or treatments according to your own menstrual cycle.

Which method would you dare to use? You can combine several of them to have a more favourable result, but don’t forget to go to your specialist so that you don’t put your health at risk and so that you are in optimum condition to conceive your little man.